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As parents of teenagers – no matter what our stature may be in the business world – we all have one thing in common: we are our kids’ chauffeurs. We drive them to school, parties, work and sporting activities while they slowly drive us crazy. If you fit this description, then this is the show for you… More

Actor, singer, songwriter Anthony J. Mifsud (Mif)

Music and acting – Imagine having a career where you could do both of those things. Our guest today has had some great success in both those realms. My connection through music I have always loved music – specifically heavier music/hard rock even some metal. Bands like KISS, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rush, Def Leppard, okay...

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Interview with Glen Foster – That Canadian Guy

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is comedy. When I was growing up, stand-up comedy was hard to find. A friend might have had a Steve Martin or George Carlin record, but it wasn’t like it is now – where you can listen to comedy anywhere, any time. There are many comedy...

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Walt Disney Hometown Museum – Peter Whitehead

Disney dream comes true for Peter Whitehead, Creative Director for the Walt Disney Hometown Museum. I remember my Father asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up – I had no idea – I didn’t even know what they options were. As a result, I went down a number of wrong roads...

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Food Addiction Recovery with Sandra Elia

Show introduction: Uberdad is a show for parents of teens. I try to bring you interesting and informative content in an entertaining way, The goal is to have some fun with it and work together so that we can have the best possible relationship with our kids. After all, one day they’ll be driving us...

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The Goalie Parent Episode. Interview with Trav4oilers.

Show Notes: Theme: Goalies and Goalie Parents – Introduction – Voicemails – UberDad Update – Feature interview: with YouTube superstar goalie Trav4oilers – Goalie parent wrap-up – Ron Mays clip – Show wrap-up Trav4oilers Goalie Parent 10… actually, 11 Commandments: Be your goalie’s biggest fan Make sure they are having fun. Give them the...

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The Teen Vaping Epidemic

Welcome to the very first episode of UberDad! In this show, we cover what UberDad is all about, introduce some feature segments and cover the Teen vaping epidemic that is sweeping the Nation. SHOW NOTES Teaser (Vaping) Intro Welcome message Messing with Telemarketers (Air Duct Cleaning) About UberDad Host Rick Brown UberDad Update Vaping Epidemic...

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