Welcome to the very first episode of UberDad! In this show, we cover what UberDad is all about, introduce some feature segments and cover the Teen vaping epidemic that is sweeping the Nation.


  • Teaser (Vaping)
  • Intro
  • Welcome message
  • Messing with Telemarketers (Air Duct Cleaning)
  • About UberDad Host Rick Brown
  • UberDad Update
  • Vaping Epidemic
  • Interview with Ben
  • Summary
  • UberDad contact info
  • Wrap

Teen Vaping Epidemic

CNN Article:

Real California Teens talk about vaping

Talk to your teens about vaping: A tip sheet


GoFundMe page for the families of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team


UberDad Update sponsor:

YukYuks Comedian Carey Lee:

One comment on “The Teen Vaping Epidemic

  1. Irene Kovacs says:

    Again,Great Podcast.You have a voice made for this.Great info on vaping..Ben sounds like a smart,grounded young man.Well done Rick and Suzie.Looking forward to your next podcast

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