The Goalie Parent Episode. Interview with Trav4oilers.

Show Notes:

Theme: Goalies and Goalie Parents
– Introduction
– Voicemails
– UberDad Update
– Feature interview: with YouTube superstar goalie Trav4oilers
– Goalie parent wrap-up
– Ron Mays clip
– Show wrap-up


Goalie Parent 10… actually, 11 Commandments:

Be your goalie’s biggest fan

Make sure they are having fun.

Give them the tools they need to succeed – decent gear, training and lots of encouragement. As Travis said, when you’re starting out, you don’t need custom gear, but make sure you get the right pieces and make sure they fit properly

Don’t be negative with them. Don’t make them dread going to and from games with you.

Approach everything as a growth opportunity. Don’t focus on winning – a no-shot shutout does not help them at all.

Listen to them. Don’t lecture

Be a positive role model.

Do not coach them from the sidelines. Let the professional trainers and coaches do that – your instructions them will undo all of that and take the fun out of the game.

Help them get life lessons out of things that don’t go their way. Formulate a plan to overcome disappointments and help them achieve their goals.

Invest in your kid, not the goalie. Your kid is not going to be your retirement plan. If you’re pushing them up the ladder in hopes that they’re going to get a full-ride scholarship, or make Millions in the NHL, you are doing this for all the wrong reasons.

And the bonus commandment – don’t be the reason they don’t make a team. There is such a thing as a “Parent cut” and I have seen it used many times. Interestingly enough, the parents that typically cause that have NO idea that they are the reason their kid didn’t make the team.

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