Food Addiction Recovery with Sandra Elia

Show introduction:
Uberdad is a show for parents of teens. I try to bring you interesting and informative content in an entertaining way, The goal is to have some fun with it and work together so that we can have the best possible relationship with our kids. After all, one day they’ll be driving us around and changing our diapers. Whenever I tell people the name of the show, they start waving their arms wildly and pointing at themselves in an effort to say that THEY are Uberdad. Moms and Dads alike. I think we all identify with the concept of transforming from parents of sweet little kids to becoming their driver. Uberdad is the virtual cab company that we all work for. It’s more of a club.

Episode summary:
This episode is about something near and dear to my heart: food. If you are what you eat, then I am PIE. My older son would be Chicken Fingers and Fries. My wife would be Nutella. None of those situations are good. So… we have Food Addiction Recovery expert Sandra Elia with us. Sandra will help us understand why we eat the way we do and how to change our habits so we can all become healthier. She has an incredible story and I know it’s going to affect you. Most of the teens I know have odd eating habits. They still eat like little kids – ordering plain cheese pizza and not eating the crust. When I talk to other parents about it, they say their teens do the same things. For some of them, they can enjoy this time where their metabolism allows them to eat junk food and stay slim. Others struggle with their weight. The thing is, the food they are eating is going to catch up with them sooner or later. Especially when they get to the age of 16 or so, because that’s when a lot of them stop playing sports.

UberDad Update:
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About Sandra Elia:
Sandra Elia is the world’s first Certified Food Addiction Counselor.
She lost over 100 pounds over 13 years ago and has kept it off.
She is a pioneer in the field of recovery from compulsive overeating, addictive eating and obesity management.
She is the vice chair for the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network
And she is a certified professional coach.
She runs Ontario’s only 8-week outpatient food addiction recovery program and has co-created Canada’s first 28-day residential treatment program.
She also runs retreats where people can reclaim their health
Food addiction is something that plagues teens and parents alike and I think we all need to understand this better

Interview Re-cap:
It’s not your fault that you are over-eating, but you can do something about it.
Take it one-meal at a time.
Ask yourself – do I need all this sugar?
Look for healthy options that won’t block your brain’s “full switch”
Try to put together a healthy meal each time – chicken, fish or meat with vegetables.
Don’t negotiate with yourself to “just have that one cookie”
Avoid late night binge eating
Eat healthy fats and whole foods
Be a great example for your kids. Eat better and exercise. Try and get them to go with you.
And, if you are struggling to do this on your own, contact Sandra and get some real help.
You will feel so much better and you’ll be there for your kids.
If you are struggling with this, I highly recommend that you contact Sandra and look into her programs.

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